Denver SEO Company Expands Reach from Alaska with Internet Marketing

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( — January 13, 2014) Denver, Colorado — A Denver SEO Company, Juneau Marketing expands its Reach all the way from Alaska with Internet Marketing, video marketing, and the power of live video and news. Juneau Marketing made the decision to expand into the Denver SEO market due to most of their clients being located in Denver, Colorado.

Juneau Marketing has focused on digital marketing with an emphasis in video and mobile marketing. Video marketing is just beginning to take over the SEO world and 9 out of 10 websites are not mobile ready and it is their goal to help Colorado get up to speed by becoming mobile ready.

Some of the companies they are meeting with in the next two days are Harman’s restaurant in Cherry Creek that has recently become one of the best restaurants around due to their eclectic American or new American menu which is focusing on fresh local and organic foods.

Another company they are going to meet with is called Best Marine service. They focus on fantastic Marine service and help keep the boats of Colorado running efficiently and safely.

Another company which is a LASIK eye company was interested when it was pointed out that when people boarding airplanes at the Denver airport would come across a large sign advertising LASIK eye surgery with their phone number in large BOLD format – this phone number when called went to a car dealership. The advertising worked very well with the exception of the wrong number listed. The nice woman answering the “LASIK” number was upset at how many people called her everyday and looked forward to the ad getting fixed someday.

Another major aspect to online marketing is optimizing a company’s sales funnel. Most people don’t even know that 50% of online sales are dropped simply due the fact that their customer can not find the buy button located below fold of the checkout page. This means people have to scroll down to see it and when they don’t they leave and never buy what they came there to buy.

Colorado is already one of the most stable and profitable economies in the United States. It is the goal of Juneau Marketing to help improve this bottom line.

Juneau Marketing will be joining the Chamber of Commerce which has been voted as the best in the nation.


Juneau Marketing is owned by Cory Mann, an accomplished multi-award PBS film director – Smokin’ Fish. He has taken a break from a recent world tour to write his #1 Best Seller Book on Amazon, How to Smoke Salmon and to coordinate with his team on expanding his SEO company into Denver, Co.


By Cynthia Nodland, a freelance writer in Denver, Co. More of her work can be found on Google +. 

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