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( — January 13, 2014) Beaverton, Oregon — Oregon Hot Tub, a 5-store Hot Spring Spas dealer in Portland is encouraging residents to commit to getting healthy this year.  “In general, there are two types of people when it comes to making lifestyle adjustments,” said Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub.  “Those that jump in full-force and make huge changes all at once and those that take small steps to make gradual changes over time.”


“There is less of a feeling of deprivation when making small changes, but those little things mean a lot in regards to our health. Here are three great ways to make simple, small changes that will add to healthy living in 2014,” continued Rogers.


Make Small Talk – Enjoying good conversation with family and friends is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and goes a long way toward relieving stress and frustrations in life, but not all talking has to be deep and meaningful. Making small talk with the people we come in contact with throughout the day actually provides a great deal of stress relief in small doses.


Small talk can actually make us smarter. A study by psychologist Oscar Ybarra from the University of Michigan showed that during casual small talk we get a broader look at the world through other people’s eyes and learn new concepts and ideas that we might not otherwise be exposed to.


Soothe Tired Feet – Make good use of old glass pop or beer bottles and get a foot massage at the same time. Clean out used bottles or break out a rolling pin for an instant massage machine that will make your feet feel great. We put a lot of pressure on our feet all day long. Just a few minutes massaging them each night can really take a load off of them.


Place a clean bottle or rolling pin on the floor in front of a chair. Sit down and gently roll the bottle or rolling pin in a back and forth motion under each foot for several minutes to gently massage the muscles and tendons.


Take a Hot Water Break – The American Cancer Society notes that hydrotherapy improves relaxation and gives relief from many physical ailments. One of the biggest advantages to owning a hot tub is the ability to soak in a completely temperature regulated bath of warm water to get rid of daily stress. Stress is a leading contributor to many of the most serious illnesses we know of, and soaking just a few minutes a day in a soothing hot tub is proven through many studies to relieve that stress.


Using hot water to soothe aches, pains and illness is not a new concept. It has been around since the Egyptians used hydrotherapy in 2,000 B.C for relaxation by adding heated stone to a water tub. In ancient Greece the concept of hot water therapy reached even further status and elaborate buildings were constructed to house natural hot springs for therapy. Hippocrates himself used hot water therapy to treat a wide variety of conditions.


Researchers today continue to study the many benefits of soaking in hot tubs to alleviate symptoms and cure diseases. A hot tub provides relief to arthritis sufferers and, according to studies like those by Bruce E. Becker, M.D., also help patients with heart conditions. More importantly, a hot tub at home gives everyone in the family a fun place to relax and feel great.


“To encourage local residents review the benefits of owning a hot tub, Oregon Hot Tub will be providing free portable spa wet tests.  We do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call us ahead of time to reserve their spot,” said Sue.


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