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(Newswire.net — January 14, 2014) Boulder, COLORADO — Boulder, Colorado is one of the fastest growing, most desirable areas to live in the country. With an influx of good paying jobs, an expanding tech industry, and the waning recession, Boulder houses are flying off the market fast. Luxury homes are no exception to this trend. Terri Cox, a realtor with RE/MAX of Boulder, is seeing homes that couldn’t sell a year ago close very quickly. “You’ll find a luxury home in just about any neighborhood,” says Terri, “there’s always homes being remodeled, scraped and rebuilt.”

There are a lot of factors in addition to a bustling economy that lend a lot of support to the booming luxury housing marketplace, none the least of which is Boulder’s scenic location along the Rocky Mountain foothills. “A Boulder luxury home is more like a dream home, says Terri, “it has everything that you want!” Because of the size of the home and the styling, people looking for a luxury home in Boulder are likely to find properties that feature everything from fancy baseboards and heated flooring, to natural stones and finishes, to high-end appliances. “No details go untouched.”

“In Boulder, you can buy a luxury home at about one and a half million,” says Terri, “obviously spending more, it’s going to be bigger, and have more attention to detail.” Part of the attraction to luxury homes comes with the views of the city, or the mountain vistas. “If there is a view of the cityscape or Flatirons, you’re going to position your kitchen and your master bedroom to where you can capture all those views through the window.”

One of the most popular aspects of the luxury housing market in Boulder neighborhoods is the proximity to downtown Boulder itself. So if you work downtown, or are eager to do a little bit of shopping, it’s very easy to walk, or ride a bike to where you want to go. “You can walk or generally bike to go to dinner, go shopping, hang out with friends, have coffee,” says Terri. “So, not only is there luxury homes in Boulder, but it’s luxury living, yet you’re right in the city! I just don’t think that can be beat.”

A home is a fantastic investment, not only for a place to live and establish yourself in the community, but also for a wide range of equity and financial options. Luxury homes in Boulder are no exception. “You’re just going to have more than what you find in a normal home,” says Boulder real estate agent Terri Cox, “and it’s all about the lifestyle here in Boulder”. If you are interested in seeing the luxury home options in the Boulder area, or for those looking to sell a home, Terri is a fantastic resource. Appointments can be scheduled by calling her directly or visiting her website.




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