Review of the New SEO 301 Method Course

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( — January 14, 2014) Birmingham, WEST MIDLANDS –The SEO 301 Method was launched on January 2014 by Warrior Farraz. It is a training course on building safe backlinks and only available online at


Farraz is known to the internet marketing community through various other training courses, that have sold very well over the years. They have also had good testimonials.


The training claims to have found a loophole for getting traffic to websites. This traffic is gained by purchasing aged domains, or more to the point expired domains that still get traffic and have authority in the eyes of the search engines.


Farraz said “I love loopholes. That’s exactly what buying an expired domain is A BIG TRAFFIC LOOPHOLE. It work’s because over time a domain has built up an authority through a mixture of time, money and know-how. This has resulted in a good amount of traffic.”


It would seem that these types of domains expire and the ever vigilant can buy these for themselves. If these domains are purchased in a businesses desired industry they can be pointing that traffic to their actual site.


On this subject Farraz said “Some expired domains are highly valuable that receive a huge volume of traffic flowing into them on a daily basis. This tends to be because they have a high number of backlinks pointing to them and a high search engine ranking.


This means that if you can isolate the domains with this high level of traffic, you’ve acquired a living online for a few dollars.”


There is a method involved here, not only for business owners to get valuable traffic via these domains, however, for finding them and then purchasing them as well. This is all covered in the training. However, when asked why sell this information Farraz said “Good question, there are so many expiring domains on a daily basis that it makes the competition so small that I decided to share.


This is why I also made the price so affordable, in order to ensure people do not have any barriers to entry.”


The training has been set out to assist people to monetise expired domains for the following business models:


• Affiliate Marketing


• Amazon

• List Building


Therefore, we have a training course that increases traffic and also increases rankings.


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