Aurora Chiropractor Releases New Chiropractic Website

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( — January 14, 2014) Clinton, IA — 

The majority of chiropractors today have a website to promote their business.  The problem for many chiropractors is that they do not have a great deal of education in the area of internet marketing.  A growing number of chiropractors are reaching out to third party companies to help they manage their online presence.


When contacted Doctor Mike Hamilton from Inception Chiropractic Websites said, “As a doctor I realized quickly how difficult it was to practice and maintain my website.  I had all the knowledge, but I didn’t have the time to get everything done.  Most of the chiropractors I know face the same problem, but they don’t have the online experience that I do.”


Doctor Hamilton went on to say, “My wife Doctor Aimee Hamilton and I started Inception Websites to help solve this issue for doctors.  We knew that we could provide a service that would allow them to be hands off, and at the same time be available to doctors when they needed us.  Our goal is not to be the biggest website provider, but instead to be the highest quality provider.”


The team at Aim High Chiropractic also said, “It is great to know that we have an experienced team out there helping us.  Chiropractic care can be so powerful, but so few people understand what we can do to help them.  Our new website is a way for the people of Aurora to read about the benefits of care on their own time.  We are excited to see how many more people we can reach this way.”


To learn more about the services offered at Aim High Chiropractic in Aurora please visit the website by clicking this link:


You can also learn more about the team at Inception Chiropractic Websites by visiting Doctor Hamilton’s website at  Dr. Hamilton and his wife Dr. Aimee Hamilton work each day to help chiropractors across the country reach the people that need them.

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