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( — January 17, 2014) London, City of London — Geoffrey Miller Solicitors has been revealed as the highest-publicly rated drink drive solicitors according to the analysis of successfully defended drink driving cases. In 2012 the overall success rate in their alcohol, breath, blood and urine cases was 90%.


Successes included winning 19 cases of excess alcohol, 28 wins in excess alcohol blood sample cases (100% of cases won) and 5 cases of excess alcohol urine samle cases (100% of cases won). In addition 3 cases of drug driving were won (100%) which resulted in a total of 55 wins and 3 losses. This was a 95% success rate.

In 2013 the firm won a total of 109 defended client cases. The company dealt with 136 trials compared to 84 trials in 2012. And an even more impressive 84% increase in the drink driving defended cases dealt with in 2013 compared to the previous year.

In 2013 Geoffrey Miller won a total of 109 of the defended cases equating to an overall success rate of 82%.

In addition to keeping track of performance by results, the firm takes great pride in the comments from clients with hundreds of video and written testimonials available.

Geoffrey Miller have hundreds of client testimonials

Mr Dol provided the 100th website testimonial in December 2013. He was facing a combination of both drink driving and speeding and Geoffrey Miller achieved a not guilty verdict to both charges!

Mr Hayward had one of several defended cases the firm won in Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in 2013. His case was also one of the firm’s 44 blood drink driving acquittals. 

Geoffrey Miller also operate a unique “Ref Me” scheme. This scheme was developed to enable prospective clients to make contact with previous clients of the firm for an independent review.


Enabling prospective clients to verify the testimonials and get a second opinion from someone who has been in difficulty is just one way that Geoffrey Miller Solicitors demonstrates being the best drink drive solicitors in London.

In addition to defended cases being on the increase, in 2013 the firm have also seen an increase in the demand for private police station representation. The firm’s involvement in the police station interview process has resulted in many clients facing no charge at all including cases where a client was facing the possibility of a serious charge of perverting the course of justice.


About Geoffrey Miller Solicitors

Director of the Company, Tara Boyle heads up the London office.

The firm is completely transparent with their performance in motoring cases so the public make an informed decision to instruct based on gut feel as well as factual results. If you are facing prosecution for any motoring offence, are due to be interviewed by the police or you are concerned about a possible motoring prosecution, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are publicly rated to offer specialised legal help and strategy to have charges dropped or being found not guilty.


Geoffrey Miller do not charge for initial phone consultations.


The London Office telephone number is 0844 241 2609

Jeanette S. Miller, Managing Director is the Founding CEO and President of the Association of Motor Offence Lawyers (AMOL)



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