Five Habits That Sabotage Your Weight Loss

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( — January 17, 2014)  

Carol Roberts, MD of Tampa Bay, also author of Good Medicine: A Return To Common Sense, is dedicated to helping people solve their health and medical problems without resorting to prescriptions or fad style diets that are expensive, addictive, and non-sustainable.  Roberts has an extensive ENT and ER surgical background and has always been committed to helping those that are most in need regardless of their financial situation. 


Weight loss has always been a hotbed topic of discussion. Dr. Roberts is participating in this webinar which is a series of talks that will be given regarding this topic.  This series is a part of the new global EZ Weight Loss Summit which consists of  leading weight loss experts that will be speaking about that little known formula on How to Take Off Weight and Keep It Off- Even if You Have Struggled With Your Weight Your Whole Life. 


The EZ Weight Loss Summit contains 14 sessions and they are free.  It targets most people that post holidays, have put on unwanted excess pounds and are looking to shed them. There is a common notion that thin people know how to shed excess weight and seem to be able to eat anything they want. Many people also seem to be stuck at an undesirable weight. 


Opinions are a dime a dozen from millions of people and so called experts.  Advice is generally worthless from family and friends  who only spout what they think works for them or what they have heard or read but do they really know?


This event is the system for Rapid and Permanent Weight Loss. The registration information is contained here by going to: 


Dr. Roberts lectures on various topics regarding health and wellness in improving the quality of life for people far and wide.  Her medical background in traditional medicine led her to focus on holistic methods when she realized that there were simpler and cheaper approaches to improving one’s wellness.  As a schooled surgeon for many years, she has seen it all and recognizes the blend of the old and new is the way that healing should be.  Many more doctors today are adopting alternative methods of medicine while transitioning away from the medical school bibles that are somewhat outdated and dictated by many of the pharmaceutical companies whose prescriptions are no longer covered by health insurance.


Visit more about Dr. Roberts at: and see what other avenues of healthy common sense she shares.