BrentDotCom Named Best Internet Marketer in Florida

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( — January 17, 2014) Tampa, Florida — Who is the best internet marketer in Florida?  The results are in from a survey conducted by industry leader, GTB.  When asked who they considered as the best Internet Marketer in the state of Florida, most respondents overwhelmingly chose BrentDotCom.


Well known throughout the IM Industry, BrentDotCom, whose real name is Brent Phillips, got his start 8 years ago in Internet Marketing in order to drive more customers to an off-line business. “Those were the days when the yellow page companies still had local companies by the short hairs, when they were about the only game in town.  But, slowly the Internet became the behemoth it is today, and marketing was forever changed.”


Like virtually everyone else who attempts to make money and drive traffic online, BrentDotCom chased the ‘Next Shiny Object’ in the beginning.  When you try to make money online, everyone and his third cousin tries to sell you something.  As a result, you don’t know what to believe.  It took my 18 months to finally formulate a strategy and stick to it.


He built one website, got it ranked, and then just scaled up from there.  Now he has over 1,000 websites that he rents out profitably each month to local clients in 14 niches across 75 cities in the United States.


Local SEO is a huge passion of mine.  Driving constant traffic to my clients and seeing them flourish because of customers I brought their way, there is nothing more fulfilling to me.”


He also excels at Affiliate Marketing, ranking in the upper echelon of affiliate production for companies across the world, both small and large.  Others routinely refer to him as a true Traffic Generation expert.  Says James Campbell, one of the respondents in the survey, “BrentDotCom forgot more about driving traffic than most people will ever know.”   


When asked about how he liked Internet Marketing as a job, BrentDotCom was quick to make a correction of terms.  “If you love what you do, then it’s not a job.  Most people go to their jobs and cannot wait for 5:00 PM to come around so they can go home.  For me it’s the opposite.  Everytime I look at the clock I hope that it’s earlier than it is, so that I have plenty more hours in the day to have fun.  It probably sounds ridiculous, I know.  But that’s how much I love IM.  And to all of those who named me the best internet marketer in the state of Florida, please let them know that I am humbled and sincerely thank them.”

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