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( — January 17, 2014)  — San Diego, CA The auto insurance marketplace has seen a significant growth in competition since customers have been given the opportunity to compare prices through visiting multiple sites. The internet allows those looking to buy cheap auot insurance online through three primary methods: company sites, clearinghouse sites or submission sites. Clearinghouse and company sites are a completely viable way to find and purchase coverage for every type of vehicle, but submission sites like Insane Quotes routinely offer the best prices available.

Prospective customers should understand that company sites like those ran by Progressive or State Farm may offer decent rates on insuring an automobile, but they are receiving information directly from the customer on a singular basis, which completely eliminates the idea of competition. Similarly, clearinghouse sites only list a generic list of prices and still require a customer to contact the insurance supplier him or herself. The reason submission sites are more effective than browsing through company and clearinghouse websites is due to a heightened sense of competition for insurance providers.

On the other hand, Insane Quotes sends information to multiple insurance companies to find the best vehicle insurance quotes online. Although this seems similar to an individual going from company to company in an attempt to lock down the lowest rate, Insane Quotes consistently yields much cheaper prices than traditional price comparison. This is because when an insurance provider is solicited by Insane Quotes, they understand that the same information is also being disseminated to dozens of other insurance companies at the same time. When blatantly faced with this immediate competition, providers attempt to lowball each other’s prices. With this, customers end up receiving rates that can be substantially lower than had they shopped around for auto coverage on their own.

Furthermore, Insane Quotes makes the entire car insurance easier by having customers enter their information only one time. The price comparison method requires spending time at each and every company site inputting information into form after form, time and time again. Insane Quotes understands that visitors to the website find their time to be of incredible value and thereby require very little time dedicated inputting and processing dozens of pages of forms. This also helps keep private information secure as Insane Quotes users are no longer forced to spread their sensitive information across numerous websites.


“The need to visit multiple websites like State Farm has been removed,” said J, Killian COO of Insane Quotes.  Shopping for vehicle coverage does not have to be a hassle, and, as Insane Quotes customers have experienced, it no longer is. 


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