Infusionsoft Users Automate Publishing Process from Soup to Nuts

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Users of Infusionsoft initially subscribe to the software to achieve end-to-end automation not only in their marketing but for many of their business processes. Until the release of Maven RSS to Email, the distribution of new blog content has been a tedious and time-consuming process.

Maven RSS to Email utilizes feed url’s native to WordPress, Blogger and other CMS platforms to generate email content that is then queued as a broadcast in Infusionsoft to blog subscribers.

According to Tech Crunch, less than 1% of all Internet users understand and correctly use RSS feed readers. Maven RSS to Email not only saves Infusionsoft users 30 minutes of labor with each and every post that gets published, it actually drives results by getting the content where it will actually be consumed – the subscriber’s inbox.


Perhaps the biggest and most notable customer using Maven RSS to Email is Infusionsoft themselves. Infusionsoft was previously using FeedBurner for delivering blog posts via email but made the jump to Maven RSS to Email back in December of 2012. One year later, they’re still grateful the transition allowed them to bring everything under one roof, with more options, greater automation and powerful reporting.

While the app is used by companies across all industries, it has found a special place in the hearts of small businesses who realize automation is a capital investment and who focus on scaling their business by leveraging technology.



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