Custom Home Theater Provides Privacy and Safety

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( — January 22, 2014)  

The most recent shooting in Wesley Chapel at the Cobb Grove Theater on January 13th was a memorable day in a very peaceful community in an unlikely setting amongst unlikely parties.  A husband and wife were enjoying an outing at the movies when the husband began texting the babysitter during the movie previews and was accosted by a retired ex-police office sitting directly behind them.  The argument turned into an exchange of words, popcorn, and then a gunshot.


What is the likelihood of this event happening and exploding into a deadly episode.  Whatever the psychiatric or sociological explanations that may exist to determine what root causes there may have been, we live today in an environment of the unknown element and must always be on guard.  A routine trip to the supermarket and an impatient motorist cuts you off on the road resulting in road rage, or an inadvertent bump in a crowded bar can both be seen as a common occurrence that is highly likely. 

Home theaters enable families and friends to enjoy a movie anytime in the comfort and safety of their homes.  Children are particularly vulnerable, but even if you or your family and friends are not the intended target, a stray bullet can be just as deadly or harrowing in the experience.  One of the great enjoyments of our lives is the experience of sitting in a movie theater with large comfortable seats, popcorn and drinks, and a wide screen with sense around sound systems that can create the sensation of being physically present in the movie setting.  The custom home theaters of today can re-create that experience with better features such as being able to pause or rewind a movie for the audience that wants a bathroom, snack, or nap break without missing any portion of the viewed movie.


The safety factor may be the biggest by product of this luxury item in our homes along with the added expense that can total in excess of $100 for a family of four with ticket prices and snacks per outing.  What is the price of your life or an unforgettable scare to your family forever? 

Freedom in the United States is one of the great reasons why we live here however with freedom come other aspects of danger that cannot be avoided.  This is not to suggest building fortresses around our homes but gated communities and security features are available for peace and tranquility in this 21st century.  A home theater was considered untouchable for the middle class in years past however with Netflix and early releases of current movies available, home theater options are a worthwhile choice. 


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