St. Louis Web Design Reveals Best Title Tag Practices for 2014

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( — January 23, 2014) St. Louis, MO. — Companies in St. Louis can depend on A Fresh Web Design to adapt to the constant changes in the world of SEO.  Recently, the company adjusted their methods for creating title tags based on the result of the tests they conducted on how Google truncates or displays title tags.


Some new information, reveals the St. Louis web design and SEO leader, on the factors that affect SEO in title tags include:

1)  The length does not matter as much anymore. While many SEO companies have given “expert” advice to keep title tags less than 70 characters in length, it is no longer necessary to keep title tags that short. Based on A Fresh Web Design’s experience writing tags for clients in the last few years, even title tags longer than 70 characters can be displayed in full, provided they are within Google’s set pixel limit.

2)  Google measures title tags by pixel width. The search engine will truncate title tags based on its pixel limit. This means that SEO title tags that can be displayed within the pixel width limit will be displayed. No one knows exactly how many characters Google indexes, but one thing’s for sure, companies with significant experience working on web pages and SEO title tags can come up with tags that work to the clients’ benefit.

3)  Titles that are relevant to the pages they are referring to will be displayed by the different search engines’ snippet views of the page. It is important to get good keywords incorporated into the first part of the title. Just because character count does not have to be limited to 70, does not mean that you don’t have to think of the most effective words to convey your message.


“A company can choose to do things all on their own or they can hire a competent company to do their websites for them so their website will show on page 1 of the Google search results,” the experienced St. Louis web design and SEO company explains.

“Our latest discoveries on how title tags work in terms of what Google picks up and uses for its page rankings can help us provide companies with websites that work. Forget what some ‘experts’ have been saying about character limits and all the other best ways to write title tags, they do not apply anymore,” explains the leading St. Louis web design and SEO company.

A Fresh Web Design in St. Louis continuously updates its standards based on the most current trends and best practices in the industry. With Google implementing changes to its search algorithm constantly, only the most skilled St. Louis web development and SEO companies are able to adapt,” discussed Rich Rohrbach, president of the leading St. Louis  Web Design and SEO company, A Fresh Web Design.

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