AeroFit’s Exercise Ball 50% Discount Offer – Supplies Are Running Out!

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AeroFit, a leading distributor of effective fitness products and technologies, is providing a limited-time offer to consumers for one of their latest products, the Anti-Burst Eco-Friendly Exercise Stability Ball. With the launch of their new exercise stability ball, the company is currently offering a 3-day coupon that will allow customers to buy the product for a 50% discounted price through The coupon was released yesterday 22nd January and will only be available for 2 more days, or while stocks last.


AeroFit’s founder Jaxen Davies says, “We have been overwhelmed with the popularity of this product just 1 day into the promotion, and are very happy to offer it at an affordable price to both new and experienced users.” He goes on to say “Its impact-free design works to sculpt and tone core muscles. It can be used in Yoga and Pilates for stretching, stabilizing the spine while sitting at a desk, and can help with labor during birthing.”


What makes this fitness stability ball stand out among others is its innovative design. It is constructed of the highest quality double-layer PVC which prevents it from bursting. Should it become punctured by a sharp object it will leak the air slowly rather than bursting, providing optimal safety while exercising. It has been weight tested to withstand up to 1100 pounds and comes in 3 available sizes of 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm to accommodate users of all body types (sizes). In addition, the ball is constructed using only non-toxic materials that are free from phthalates and latex. The purpose of the stability ball is to help enhance the body’s flexibility and engages core muscles to improve strength, toning, and overall balance.


The fitness ball has received positive reviews from customers who have recently tried it. Here is what actual owners are saying about the ball based on their experiences with it so far:


“The stability ball is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’ve recommended this to my colleagues and they confirm good results with it.”

“It has been a week and I am feeling much better fitness in my abdominal region and thighs.”

“I am looking forward to using it for a long-term until I feel I’ve developed the kind of strength I want in my lower body and abdominal area.”


For a limited time, customers will be able to purchase the stability ball at half price using the coupon code GETFIT50, which has been released by the company with the launch of this new product. It usually retails for $39.90 without the promotional coupon. At the present time, AeroFit has released the exercise stability ball for purchase exclusively through