Bad Teeth Can Cost Your Job

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( — January 24, 2014) St Petersburg, FL

Dentists like Dr. Larry Klein in St. Petersburg, Florida see the effects of people all the time when it comes to dental care and a happy smile.  “A smile exudes confidence..” says Dr. Klein and when the teeth are not cared for properly where they are stained, crooked, or unclean, the message that it sends is about the individual’s hygiene level and attention to details that are important. 

A smile carries the personality of an individual and clean teeth that have that shiny look enable that individual to show it off.  The flip side is that when that confidence is not there, it manifests itself in the way that that individual communicates with others.  A job interview is perhaps as critical a first impression that there can be.  What is it’s value to that person when it concerns employment and affects their income? 

The dental technology that is available today, as Klein explains, utilizes veneers and porcelains that no longer have that metallic look that would set off an airport detector.  Additionally, the crowns and fillings of the past leech into the blood system and can cause long term health problems later on.  Klein also talks about how it does not need long, multiple visits to make that difference.  Literally, from one visit to another can significantly change that smile and impact on a patient’s mouth. 

Who would have ever thought that your dental visit would be a worthwhile investment in your future?  With confidence and the ability to be happy and share that energy with others, makes a world of difference in the way we lead our lives.  Regular dental cleanings and proper at home care with proper brushing and flossing allow yourself to maintain that dental regimen on a daily basis.  With dental hygiene being at the critical base of a healthy life, it is no wonder that dentists speak about the collateral effects more and more.      

With reality television shows today where makeovers can be done to improve and change the appearance of candidates, the dental work is always an important art of the program.  The straightening of teeth, cleanings, and in some cases, implants to replace empty spaces where extractions have taken place, make the difference in the person’s mood and persona as they project a new image. 

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