Dudley Media Group Announces Jamie Campbell Bower as the Next Hottie

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(Newswire.net — January 25, 2014) Las Vegas, NV.  — The Dudley Media Group article by Becca Rose began by stating, “By now you’ve all become quite familiar with our, ‘Hottie of The Week,’ articles and we hope that you’ve at least somewhat agreed with our choices. Well we are keeping the new tradition going this week with our newest hottie, Jamie Campbell Bower. This hottie remained relatively quiet in the heartthrob scene, even though his gorgeous blue eyes and rebellious image made him already stand out among the hotties of Hollywood, that is until he landed the role of ‘Jace Wayland,’ in the movie adaptation of the bestselling series, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”


This new Hottiie was chosen because of those beautiful blue eyes, that Becca says are impossible to resist. She writes in the Dudley Media Group article, “Bower’s eyes have that extra glisten in them that can drive anyone with sight to their knees.” The next feature that Bower possses to win the title “Hottie of the Week” is a smile that reveals pearly whites. Then there is that sexy accent, and I will have to agree with Becca, who can resist a sexy accent. Becca writes, “Bower’s accent is exactly what the doctor ordered to give women that extra spring in their step, it also adds an extra ounce of attractiveness to his beautiful face.”


Bower also has a magnigficent singing voice, along with finely honed acting skills always convincing the audience he is actually the character he is playing. Becca adds in the Dudley Media Group article, “His ‘bad boy,’ image – he seems very kind and caring to his fans and those around him and of course he is extremely polite but his tattoos and piercings give him that ‘bad boy,’ and rebellious image that girls go crazy for.


The Dudley Media Group “Hottie of the Week” article finishes off this weeks Hottie announcement by saying, “All in all it is of this writer’s opinion that though he may not be the typical leading man, Jamie Campbell Bower is one of today’s sexiest men alive! I will have to agree Becca, and can’t wait for next week’s Hottie choice. Does anyone have a guess?