Cape Buffalo Hunting the ideal African Safari

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( — January 25, 2014) Thabazimbi, Limpopo — 

Cape Buffalo Hunting in Southern Africa seems to be all the more popular and it comes as no surprise either, as people increasingly become aware of the available opportunities in the hunting industry.

It is a well known fact that South Africa offers large areas with various terrain and conditions supporting superb trophy quality animals. The number of individuals, familiar with the thrill and experience of hunting dangerous game, like the Cape buffalo, are on the rise.

Contributing factors often include hunting outfitters offering 7 to 10 day Buffalo hunting safaris, with several other species available during the safari. Trophy hunts being tailored to suit the hunters’ preference and ability comes most of the time as standard features of the service provided, with support, guidance and assistance from some of the world’s best and most experienced professional hunters. Various hunting outfitters like Hunting Legends conduct a buffalo hunt in such a way that the skill and endurance of the hunter is fully utilized upon embarking on the adventure.

The safety and lack of complexity of such a buffalo hunt contributes to fact that hunters often prefer an African hunting safari above that of any other trips elsewhere in the world. The online publication Moneyweb quotes Wildlife Ranching South Africa Director and owner of the Winterhoek game ranch, Wiaan van der Linde saying, “Demand seems to be driven by trophy hunting,” and that South Africa and Namibia are two destinations seen by hunters to be safe to visit.

Add that to the availability of a good selection of trophies, and you have without a doubt one of the top destinations worldwide.

Very often, cape buffalo hunting packages goes hand in hand with world class accommodation, professional video recordings and photography, and a good time socializing around bush fires with the best of South African food and wine.

The great African atmosphere, magnificent scenery and wildlife certainly provide an experience any hunting enthusiast will remember for the rest of his life.

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