How Do I Handle Credit Challenges Today?

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( — January 26, 2014)  

Credit Shield is a national credit protection company that has evolved its business to champion the cause of the modern day family that is struggling to survive and stave off pesky collection agencies and companies that make a living out of chasing consumers via dunning notices and aggressive collection tactics.  The problem that most people suffer from is that they do not know what their rights are and consequently buckle to these practices that can intimidate the faint of heart.  As a result of the new economy that is a result of the emergence from the 2008 debacle, financial institutions have pulled in their proverbial horns and have become conservative to the extent that the financial ratios and requirements acceptable before the crash look like a picnic. 

Credit Shield recognized the ignorance factor as being a perfect vehicle for collection companies to earn a massive profit since with the help of a legal letter, most people will succumb to its arrival via mail.  Credit Shield looks to defend the unsuspecting consumer by educating and advising what remedies and rights are available to them.  Once a consumer’s back is against the wall, they need to take comfort in knowing that there are indeed alternative options that they can elect to take.  Once these options are made readily available, Credit Shield can hand walk them through the process.  This certainly proves to be a much cheaper option than giving in and paying that collection notice. 

Human nature dictates that one would want to make this go away as quickly as possible and thus it is worth it to pay now to remove that feeling of discomfort.  On the contrary, one should seek professional advice on how to address and deal with such situations and without that professional help, most would not know their rights. 

Documentation is the best friend to addressing combatting a legal credit notice.  Maintaining all documentation is necessary since it is generally these documents that can arm you to fight back from these legal letters.  Many collection companies exercise over exuberance in their collection practices and therefore will inadvertently trip up in their quest to scare an unsuspecting debtor.  Once a collection infraction has been committed and documented accordingly, the collection company may not pursue further action upon the debtor.  This hinges on the concept of double jeopardy where there can be no more than one chance to chase a debtor within the proper framework of the law.


Credit Shield has financing roots throughout the years and understands the machinations involved with credit and consumers. Many of the remedies are through just being knowledgeable about the law and how credit collections work.  Arming their clients with this information and processes to resolve.   


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