Fitness Life Stories Compares How Calico And AMG Services Patients

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( — January 28, 2014) Berlin — 


A recent article published on Fitness Life Stories brings attention to the ground breaking announcements coming out of the health care world. In particular, the fitness and lifestyle website examines the announcement by Google of the new health and well-being company Calico, which according to the article will be under the leadership of Genetech and Apple Chairman Arthur D. Levinson, and the announcement by Amgen detailing how it’s newest drug AMG services patients suffering from high cholesterol levels and heightened risk of heart disease.


Mary Myers, an editor of the site, commented on the recently published article, “The news coming out lately is extremely exciting, health care companies are really pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible,” she said, “At Fitness Life Stories we wanted to not only make our readers aware of the newest innovations in health care, but also help them think about how their own lives will be impacted and help them determine which area of development is most likely to help them and their families.”


The article maintains that developments in health care are happening in two different areas. The article distinguishes between the recent breakthroughs in medicine, which are happening in a field that most people have some basic understanding of, and the possible advancements of a company like Calico, which the article asserts are beyond what most people even imagine when they think of health care.


Myers explained the difference between the two areas of advancement, “We want to engage our readers’ imaginations as far as what possibilities there may be in the future, but in the end it’s important that improved medicine is likely to be more accessible and realistic for many more years, as compared to radical new treatments such as gene therapy.”


The recently published article concluded that readers should use everything currently available to improve their health, and encouraged readers to remain optimistic about new potential in the future.


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