Former Navy Computer Genius Opens Computer Repair Business in Pueblo

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( — January 29, 2014) Pueblo, Colorado — One of the sharpest computer minds in the U.S. has opened a computer repair business in Pueblo, Colorado.  Owner Bernie Nunnery once built computers for the U.S. Navy.  To have that kind of connection with the U.S. Navy shows Nunnery was picked above all other contractors who were rejected.  Obviously, there are likely millions of computer-type people, but the Navy chose him and now he’s opened shop in Pueblo, Colorado.


Nunnery has 30+ years of experience in the computer industry and has often solved problems for clients that their client’s computer support companies could not solve. 


Although Nunnery can do many things with computers, he does something most people (and companies) cannot.  For example, if you ever lost your data because your computer died, you know how frustrating that can be.  When this happens, Nunnery has the expertise to pull your data out of your hard-drive so you don’t lose it.  Nunnery says, “I’m amazed at how often people don’t back up their computers.  And when they don’t, they can lose everything”.  He goes on to say, “What’s even more amazing is many clients think they’re actually backing up their data when that’s not doing them much good – they need to clone their data as a back up.  That way, when your hard drive dies, you can unplug it and plug in your clone and 30 seconds later, you’re back to using your computer again just like you were.”


Over the years, Nunnery has learned the computer industry by being self-taught and taking various classes to sharpen his knowledge.  Nunnery has even been told by clients that they’d put him up against any computer guy out there – he’s apparently that good.


The Navy has lost one of their secret weapons in computer technology after Nunnery left to mark his own course but Pueblo and Colorado Springs residents and businesses are the new beneficiaries of his knowledge and skill. 


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Computer Farm

3225 W 11th Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

719 688-8982