Company Seeks the Top of Garage Door Repair Mountain

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( — January 29, 2014) Dallas, TX — 

Americans are known for dreaming big, and with enough blood, sweat, tears, and luck, one family is moving forward to turn dreams into reality through the simple, niche business of garage door repair and installation.  The Fox family focuses on systematic processes for everything from training staff to logistics and inventory.  In the end, their system comes together to leave customers in awe of great service, and the company has been able to expand dramatically in recent years because of it.

Maximus Fox, owner of Fox Overhead Door says, “If you want to find success, you’ve gotta put simple processes in place for each aspect of your business.  Make it step-by-step and routine.  This creates an expectation for your staff and customers that is reliable and naturally improves your service.”

Wise words from the highly successful business owner.  Though their business model is garage door repair, these basic business practices should be used no matter what your line of work is.  Mike Silipo, Fox Overhead Door’s general manager adds, “The American Dream isn’t some magical, mystical thing.  It’s real, but it takes hard work, and a LOT of it.  The point is to make your daily practices more streamlined no matter what type of business you have so that you always know what’s going on.  Your customers will love you for it, and that’s the end goal anyways, right?”

Fox chuckles at the title, “The top of garage door repair mountain?  I don’t know about all that.  I still lace my boots up one at a time, I’m not looking for a reality show like some Kardashian.  I’m not aiming to climb some hypothetical mountain.  We just keep working hard and putting a smile on a customers’ faces.”

If anyone is looking to turn dreams into reality, the process should start with solid organization.  When you create simple, manageable systems, everything else will fall into place.  For more information on quality business practices or garage door repair issues, contact

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