Air Ambulance Transportation Company Expands Worldwide

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( — January 29, 2014) Georgetown, TX — 


In 2007, Danielle “DeDe” Wilson, President/CEO of United Medevac Solutions started UMS Angel Air Ambulance with the vision of providing underserved rural areas of Texas with a regional fixed-wing air ambulance service provider.  As the years progressed, the public’s need for air medical evacuation has evolved from a regional to a global service area.  Recognizing this trend, UMS Angel Air was rebranded, the mission profile was updated and in 2013 Aero Jet Medical (AJM) was launched!  Upgrading to multiple jet aircraft strategically positioned across the nation, AJM has expanded their air ambulance transportation service model from a limited geographical area to providing true worldwide operations. 


Mrs. Wilson states “With our world being more inter-connected than ever and with the ease and convenience of world travel, a greater number of people are venturing further and further distances from their home.  When tragedy or illness strikes for travelers, very few are prepared and that’s where AJM can help.  Our flight crews stand mission ready 24/7 to come to their immediate assistance.” 


AJM is staffed with specially trained critical care flight nurses, paramedic and other specialists to support a wide range of lifesaving operations. AJM also embraces Specialty Transport programs to include organ transplant, neonate/pediatric, ECMO and burn teams.  Additional features include bed to bed care, critical care ground transport (CCT), commercial airline stretcher and medical escort service for ambulatory patients who require assistance and medical oversight.


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For those requiring patient evacuation or transportation, call toll-free (800)785-3670.