FoodnSport Press Publishes New Book On Prevention of Athletic Injuries

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( — January 31, 2014) Marietta, GA — The author of “The 80/10/10 Diet”, as well as “Nutrition And Athletic Performance”, Dr. Douglas N Graham, recently published his latest book “Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries” (FoodnSport Press – ISBN 978-1-893831-12-4)


Dr. Graham, a lifetime athlete and raw food educator, has fine-tuned his holistic approach to exercise and fitness while assisting many Olympic and professional athletes, as well as thousands of amateur athletes.  “Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries” covers a wide variety of topics, including the best diet for healing and recovery, strengthening your weakest links, proper use of equipment, and the use of drills, warm-ups, cool-downs and cross training techniques that will make you a far more functional athlete.


As a raw food educator of more than 27 years, Dr. Graham shows you how to facilitate fast recoveries from workouts and rapid healing when injury does occur.  Details of his 80/10/10 Diet are available from his website at


Dr. Graham is also known for his Health and Fitness Week events which often host professional athletes and others covering the entire spectrum including ultra-marathon runners, cyclists, weight-lifters, tennis pros and gymnasts.  But ALL levels of fitness are welcomed and catered to, with Fun, Diet and Health being the primary focus.


Doug is certainly known for being a proponent of play and fun.  “The more that a workout can be turned into play, the more enthusiasm you are likely to put into it and the more enjoyment you are likely to get out of it”, say Graham.  No wonder the theme of his 2014 Health and Fitness Week is “FUN-da-MENTALs”.


With the publishing of this second major exercise and fitness book, Dr. Graham is clearly at the forefront of sports science.  FoodnSport is quickly becoming the go-to place for performance advice and solutions as more and more high-level athletes win championships and break records on his 80/10/10 fruit-based low-fat diet while training utilizing his renowned methods.


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