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( — January 31, 2014) Bobcaygeon, ON — Most small business owners know how powerful Internet Marketing and Social Media can be for businesses, but few have the tools needed to harness that power.  Dave Bowland, Founder of the Internet Marketing Federation, wants to change all that.


Bowland explains: “When I was a kid, my Dad loved sailboats and he wanted to build them and share his passion with everyone.   So he started his own business, like millions of entrepreneurs do every year.  And although he did actually build and sell a number of sailboats, it never quite took off like it should have.  I want to provide a solution to that same problem that so many amazingly passionate business owners face every year.”


What is that solution?  “What was missing for my Dad was great marketing and most small business owners don’t have to time, skill or desire to create marketing plans that actually work, let alone understand Internet marketing”, says Bowland.  His total passion for helping these folks comes through loud and clear in his voice as he relates his story. 


My goal is to reach out to small business owners and show them exactly how they can take advantage of great marketing strategies – and especially Internet marketing – while still staying focused on the passion that made them want to start their business in the first place”.


The Internet Marketing Federation provides breakthrough programs that not only teach business owners about taking advantage of the Internet but walks them through it – step by step.  Dave is also very clear that he doesn’t provide the kitchen sink, but teaches “exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less”.  With surveys showing again and again that most small business owners avoid marketing and the online world because of overwhelm, this approach is a breath of fresh air for Bowland’s customers.


“Social Media is the latest buzz-word, but few people actually know how to really use it to contribute to the bottom line.  I know I can’t afford to spend 2 hours a day on Facebook and Twitter unless it produces significant profits.  We show you how to spend 10 minutes a day on the correct Internet activities and add 50 – 100% to your bottom line.”  They also keep you abreast of changes and new strategies, but only after they’ve tested them on their own business to ensure they really provide a return on investment.


And if you’re tired of hearing from “Marketing Gurus” that are good talkers but have never actually made money practicing what they preach, Bowland says you’re in the right place.  “I’ve personally sold over $20 Million in product and services, ran several small businesses and I consult on a regular basis with clients with diverse businesses – everything from sporting goods to life coaching to industrial automation.  We can help.”


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