What is Your Chicago Small Business Losing by Not Campaign Marketing?

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(Newswire.net — February 3, 2014) Chicago, Illinois — In the old days of internet and online marketing, maybe 5 ago a longer, you could have a website put it up, do some SEO to move it higher in rank and watch the business come in. Websites were business magic.


Those days are gone, over, kaput. Today having a website does not mean you will get business. It won’t hurt but it is not the magical doorway to business it was in the past.


Why we do what we do. We are emotional beings.


Every step of the way is an opportunity to support and move the person along the path to being a client or customer and every step is an opportunity to lose them. More than we want to believe we are emotional beings and do what we do because of how we feel.


Then it makes sense that if choices are made emotionally then reasons are created to justify that, we want to engage our potential clients and customers emotionally first. We want to engage their “Why” which then naturally flows to “How” then “What”. This is how great leaders inspire people and how to transform your small business marketing.


Elements of influential campaigns 


   –  A clear concise easily sharable message

   –  Control the message

   –  Have others champion your message

   –  Emotional engagement The “Why” 

   –  Find similarity with your audience

   –  Know what is lost by not being a part of campaign

   –  Have it matter to the person(s)

   –  Ask questions

   –  Be generous with praise

   –  Have clear plan of action based on small doable steps

   –  Build group participation

   –  Have multiple separate sources of the message

   –  Participants excited about the feeling and message

   –  Encourage group approval and support of the activities

   –  Campaigns are ongoing and evolving 

   –  Engage with a higher purpose


Our brains assemble our reality.


If we look at clouds in sky we might see animals, people, faces or something that our brain has created. If there is a canvas with a dot on it, we see a dot on a canvas. As we put more and more dots on the canvas there comes a point where we see images. Our brain assembles the dots into images. 


When we create our reality we believe it is so. We own it.


It is what we saw. Campaigns rely on the owning of multiple views of the message associated with emotion supported by group approval that leads to action. Social media can be an effective way of campaigning as the Obama campaign proved. Most social media campaigns lack a clear, concise, emotional message that people want to share. Find that and you have your social media campaign.


Advertising campaigns will use multiple media which are separate sources to give our brains “dots” to assemble into a picture. Political campaigns engage people such that the group then assembles a group picture to act on.


On the surface it often looks like nothing is happening.


Then all of sudden things take off. There is a time delay in the individual and group assembling. The message has to “cook” for awhile as our brains assemble from pieces. Well designed campaigns encourage people to see their own message. 


It is time to get really excited about novelty. We love novelty. It excites us.


Small businesses can win by being in front of the trends where novelty is. Small business can economically create lots of dots to form the picture. A small business finding their “Why” can influence on the level of choice or at the “sweet spot”.


When the message is the “Why”, the sources are varied, the message is clear the results appear as if out of nowhere. Find your magic and..


Find your “Why”.  

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