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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Dain Heer and his book “Being You, Changing the World.”  Published in four languages it is described as “The Secret” meets “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – this book is all about change! Through the unique and self-described “wacky” perspective of Dr. Heer, this book introduces readers to a different way of functioning in life, and in the world. 


 “Being You, Changing the World” discusses the now, what is within your own power at this moment.   It is tangible.  It does not focus on your spirit, your soul, a future desire or how to get to a higher plane or dimension.  “Being You, Changing the World”, focuses on the present, this moment, and how to make the most of it.


Publishers Weekly reported that consumers are seeking something different with regards to self help and personal transformation: “Authenticity and being honest with yourself about who you are: Self-help now isn’t so much wishful thinking, like The Secret, but more about digging deep inside yourself to deal honestly with who you are, to get at your essence and create a life that is authentic.” 


Using a dynamic set of tools and processes to tap into your own knowing called Access Consciousness, Heer walks readers through the steps that will actually create change in all areas of life – relationships, money, body, and your future – as such, there’s no better time for the life-changing principles found within the pages of Being You, Changing the World. 



About Dr. Dain Heer

Dr Dain Heer is an internationally recognized thought leader in transforming lives and creating different choice- willing to empower people to see different possibilities.

Despite a turbulent childhood growing up as the only white kid in a ghetto in Los Angeles, California and experiencing abuse of every kind, Dain never chose to be a victim. Along the way Dain discovered personal transformation, allowance, courage, and resilience. He has learned to transform life’s challenges into a gift of strength and uses his personal story to inspire people to know that the change they’ve been seeking is possible. Dain travels the world and speaks to thousands to  empower them to know that they are the creators of their life. He also gives them access to real, pragmatic and dynamic tools, and the energetic awareness to create the life they’d truly like to have—and the world they would truly like to live in.


Where to find the book: Being You, Changing the World is available on Amazon both as a paperback and kindle edition (eBook), Barnes & Noble, and from the Access Consciousness Publishing Book Shop here.


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