Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Google+

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(Newswire.net — February 5, 2014) Orlando, FL. — While some may still be wary of this new site, as of December of last year it had more than 500 million users and it’s growing stronger every day.


Is Google Plus really effective for Internet Marketing?


That said, Internet Marketers need to jump on the band wagon and get a Google Plus account so they too can benefit from this very effective platform. Google Plus can help businesses to gain traffic and customers in many ways, as well as help you to promote your websites or blogs. You can also cross post all kinds of content such as text, articles, photos, and videos from Facebook or other sites with ease.

Here are some of the facts about Google Plus that can help your business to skyrocket itself to a more successful company:


Make Sure to Form a Great Profile – Get the most advantages from your Google Plus account by maximizing the benefits the profile you create. The profile is meant to introduce yourself to your customers and let them know about what your business is all about. You need to post your picture so that your customers can put a name to the face, as well as making sure you use your business motto for a tagline. You can highlight some of the things your business does in the About section of the profile too.


Use the New Google Hangouts – Google Plus Hangouts are something new and exciting that no one else has. You get the ability to have meetings, webinars, demos, focus groups or announcements through video chats with up to 10 people. This is free with your Google Plus account and is giving Skype a run for its money. No other social network has this feature available.


Use the Google Plus Circles – Another benefit of Google Plus is the new features called “Circles.”  It lets you sort your friends and co-workers or other business contacts into handy groups based on their needs and likes. This way only certain people have to read certain types of messages and don’t have to wade through all the ones they have no interest in. You don’t have to bore your family with business news and you don’t have to send a mass posting that affects your shareholders, but not your coworkers, for example.


While using your Google Plus account you will also see suggestions of who to invite into these circles. This can help you to figure out who is best to allow into your circles, and it’s a good idea to take a look at them from time to time.


Watch Your Postings – Posts are easy to make in Google Plus. All you have to do is drag and drop photos, videos, links, articles, etc. from the computer or other device right to the comment box. And if these posts are made with relevant and up-to-date content and updated on a regular basis, then you will benefit because people will want to see what you post. This helps your rank status in Google since Google indexes postings from Google Plus.


So, content is still king, especially in the world of social media. Plus, as stated before, you can cross post all of this content into other places like Twitter, Facebook, blogs or websites and vice versa for even more exposure. Exposure equals more traffic and more traffic equals more profits, so be sure to post the best possible content and your business should get more popular and more profitable.

Get those Google +1′s


A Google Plus 1 is like a Facebook Like. The more you get, the better your business will do and the more it will help in your search engine rankings. Be sure to put the Google +1 button on your pages and on your website, blogs, etc. so that people can vote for your content and help your site to gain the popularity you need to succeed.


Make Sure Followers Know You Are the Official Author


Google Plus also gives you the ability to be declared as the official author of your posts. This will make your profile photo and name show up in the search results with your content titles. This builds your credibility, and helps form the trust of your followers. Plus it give the people the option of adding you to their circles in Google plus and this could also get you more exposure and in turn, more traffic and more profits.


It’s easy to claim official authorship. Just verify the official email address of your domain through Google. Or, you can also link your content to your Google Plus profile.


The bottom line is that Google Plus is a fantastic way to gain attention for your website and in turn for your business, so if you own a business then be sure to set up your Google Plus account today by visiting this link: http://www.google.com/intl/en/+/learnmore/