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( — February 6, 2014) Phoenix, Arizona — Whether this winter is being spent on the slopes or on the beaches, sunglasses are no longer just a summer accessory. Though trendy styles of sunglasses may come and go, one brand consistently tops the charts in terms of popularity and quality. It comes as no surprise that it is the worldwide respected brand of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Simply Sunglasses, a top online source of designer sunglasses, believes that there are many factors that contribute to Ray Ban’s enduring popularity. Firstly, Ray Bans are meticulously hand crafted for the highest quality. The company uses premium metal alloys in a variety of tones, such as black, gold, silver, and palladium. Ray Ban also uses colorful plastics that are durable and lightweight in design, allowing them to incorporate current color trends into their most popular styles. Another factor that contributes to the success of the Ray Ban sunglasses brand is the variety within their collection. They offer their high quality sunglasses in a wide variety of styles, from their original Ray Ban Aviators created in the 1930’s and still popular today, to 2014’s new additions, baby blue Wayfarers. The brand has been thriving since they hit the market and it looks like 2014 will continue to show that Ray Bans are the top name in the sunglasses world.


Simply Sunglasses is proud to offer hundreds of authentic Ray Bans on their website. Of course, their stock is not confined to just Ray Bans. They also have wide collections of Prada sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses, Armani, Burberry, Kate Spade, and many other of today’s top designers. For more information on Simply Sunglasses, visit


About Simply Sunglasses:  Simply Sunglasses is the top online source of designer sunglasses. They also have a full service sunglasses and optical retailer that is located in the downtown area of Phoenix, Arizona. All of the sunglasses on their website,, are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. They do not sell counterfeit or any replica sunglasses. All of the store and website sunglasses come with authenticity certificates or manufacturer papers to prove that they are genuine products.
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