Heavens Law Firm Recovers Full Damages From Ford

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(Newswire.net — February 9, 2014) Charleston, West Virginia — While a West Virginia personal injury attorney usually deals with victims who have suffered physical injury, in some cases these attorneys are called on to battle insurance companies for financial compensation unrelated to physical harm. This was the situation in a recent case in which Charleston personal injury attorney Chris Heavens was asked to recover payment for the destruction of a Ford Aerostar van due to a faulty switch.


Paul Hawkins owned the van in question and was fortunately not in the vehicle on the day it caught fire and was destroyed. A faulty ignition switch was determined to have caused the fire. Ford had previously issued a recall for the part, and knew there was a problem with the switch on this model. However, when Hawkins attempted to recover the cost of the vehicle, the car maker denied the claim, stating that the problem was not caused by the switch. Mr. Hawkins believed there was nothing else he could do until he took his case to West Virginia personal injury lawyer Chris Heavens.


Chris Heavens filed a lawsuit against Ford and was able to get a verdict against the company. In his capacity as a personal injury attorney in West Virginia, Chris Heavens also sought the additional attorney’s fees and costs involved in the case. On appeal, the Supreme Court ordered that all costs be paid in connection with the case.


Ultimately, Chris Heavens was able to recover full damages from Ford due to his tenacity in pursuing justice for his clients.


Case Information:  Dorothy L. Hawkins and Paul E. Hawkins, v. Ford Motor Company, Circuit Court of Kanawha County, West Virginia, Civil Action No.: 97-C-1371


About Heavens Law Firm:  Chris Heavens is passionate about the law. He is an experienced and persistent personal injury attorney who has been practicing law for more than 20 years. Chris Heavens team has extensive trial and appellate experience in both the state and federal court system and treats every client as a friend.


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