Liz Law personifies creativity in designs crafted in her jewelry collection

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Contemporary or Vintage, Liz Law’s collection of art Jewelry is meant for everyone. 

Being an artist her entire life, Liz Law owns a beautiful jewelry studio, is known for her wonderful designs as she creates and designs each items herself keeping in mind what makes one look beautiful. The collection by Liz Law is exclusive and artistic hence loved by all, also magazines like People, Brides, More, The Knot, Aesthetica and many other have preferred and recommend this art jewelry by Liz Law and speak highly of the designs and collection.

Law, the designer

Law, the designer believes that jewelry is a beautiful form of self-expression and her ideology is that each jewelry item tells a story and hence she builds the design around a certain theme and moods to reflect one’s personality when worn. The studio has a huge great collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are available in themes like ‘classic’, ‘art deco jewelry’, ’industrial glam’ and ‘one-of-a-kind’ hence suited to meet every one’s need for any kind of occasion.


Creativity to woo you

The best thing about Liz Law is that it not only creates unique designer jewelry which is classic and chic but also has an incredible creativity to create ‘one-of-a-kind’ jewelry pieces by incorporating vintage or antique jewelry with a new material to modify into a limited stock unique jewelry item. Joining the old and the new is something that it marvels at and achieves a juxtaposition to create such inspiring items; a combination of two opposite substances -refined and rugged are styled to make unique bold jewelry to enhance one’s beauty.


An exclusive necklace length guide is available for reference in case of online purchase, so that one knows which size fits one right and what to order. Artisan LA, BellaBeach, Co-op 28, Denise Carolyn, Grey, Poppi, Number A, Stapes UltimaDea, Twig & Willow, Bottica, Lady Moor’s Lover and Visible Interest are stores and outlets located across various places selling Liz Law art jewelry.


All information related to Liz Law is available on its website which displays exclusive beautiful designs of the jewelry. “Each jewelry tells has a story and is a part of your own personality”, says Liz Law. 



Liz Law, who started as a designer at jewelry outlet is today a celebrated art decorative jewelry designer and her studio is situated by the beaches in Los Angeles

The different materials used to hand made the jewelry pieces are sterling silver, 14k gold fill, bronze, brass, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious and pearls. Law also works creatively to customize the jewelry for dream wedding and suits your style, color and budget to create beautiful jewelry to your specific needs for your bridal party.


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