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(Newswire.net — February 10, 2014) Huntington Beach, California — Specialized Resource Group has built a reputation as a leading Orange County private investigator firm based on the company’s ability to deliver results.  Now, SRG offers professional services to find lost or hidden assets in divorce cases as well as those involving deceased owners.

There are two types of cases that usually call for the services of a private investigator in Los Angeles to locate assets:  divorce cases and testamentary cases.  In divorce cases, a husband or wife may try to hide money to protect it from division during a divorce settlement or judgment.  Many divorcing spouses attempt to transfer funds into someone else’s name or find ways to hide money from the soon-to-be-ex partner.  In testamentary cases, a deceased owner of money or property may have hidden these funds for various reasons and then been unable or unwilling to disclose the location of the funds or property.

In both cases, experts from Specialized Resource Group can investigate the matter and, if possible, locate the funds in question.  SRG has a network of trained professionals who can use all sorts of electronic and traditional means to locate money, trace its path of transfer and ultimately find what they are looking for.  In some cases, SRG is able to locate these funds and return them to their rightful owner.  In other cases, those who have pending litigation can use this investigative information as part of their ongoing legal case.

SRG is ready to work with anyone who needs help locating hidden assets.  Professional investigators are available at any time and work throughout the state, country and world to locate hidden money.

About SRG:  Specialized Resource Group is a full-service private investigation firm that can handle any personal or business security and investigation needs for individuals and companies in Orange County and throughout California.


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