Spending 4 Days with Wealth Dragons could Change your Life

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Wealth Dragons, a well known wealth education service has been offering their signature Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp since 2008. But, what does their Bootcamp consist of and how can it help you? John Lee and Vincent Wong, the founders and owners of Wealth Dragons have years of experience in the property industry. They both put in a lot of time and effort to learn about property and what they could do with it to make money. Before too long both of them had made enough money through property purchases and holdings that they were what they call “financially free.”

Today they dedicate their time to helping others achieve the same amazing goals as they have. Part of this is their Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp, a revolutionary 4 day learning experience designed to help anyone become a property entrepreneur using the methods John and Vincent have and still use in their own careers. Since it’s inception in 2008 Wealth Dragons’ Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp has taught thousands of students how to invest in property using simple methods.

And, with Wealth Dragons, no student ever gets bored. John and Vincent emphasize on how energy and a positive attitude will help anyone succeed at what they’re doing. They show their students this first hand by bringing dynamic and charismatic energy to every class they teach or seminar they speak at. The Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp can change your life in more than just monetary ways.

Over the four days people attend the Wealth Dragons Bootcamp they learn valuable strategies such as:

  • The Opportunities that the property market presents
  • The strategies they can implement to help make them great amounts of money
  • How a positive and determined mindset can make a huge difference in the business world
  • The role of lease options and rent to buy in today’s market
  • How to create passive income in the industry
  • How to start down the path to financial wealth and freedom

Wealth Dragons continues to revolutionize the property business with their knowledge, expertise, and want to share what they know with others. More information about their Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp can be found on their website.


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