New Nursing Occupation Resource for Connecticut Released

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( — February 14, 2014) Hartford, CT

A new website made to help college healthcare students find out more about nursing and other healthcare occupations has launched its website in Connecticut.


The Connecticut Nursing School site is a project undertaken to aid site visitors in discovering more details on employment and education choices in the healthcare industry around Connecticut.


Teri Anderson, the website’s publisher, said readers to can locate colleges and other schools that provide training options in Hartford or other towns across Connecticut.


“There are a tremendous number of potential job opportunities in the healthcare field,” said Anderson, “There are, of course, many obvious jobs, such as doctors and nurses, but there is also a variety of other positions in direct patient healthcare and support positions, including medical equipment operators, lab technicians and administrative personnel.”


“Healthcare is one field where there is no shortage of customer demand,” claimed Anderson, “Our country’s population is slowly trending older and, as people get older, their need for medical procedures, routine care and treatment increases. Thus, experts predict there will be an ever-increasing demand for workers for decades to come.”


“Nursing or another health-related vocation could be a good choice for a lot of different individuals,” continued Anderson, “Nursing is a hard job and I’m not saying that it is suited for everyone, but it could be something that people at least take a look at while they are considering what type of career they want to start training for.”



About Connecticut Nursing School is a free, web-based online tool which is aimed to help out possible healthcare students into discovering more about the typical formal schooling needed for a professional nursing career. For additional information, go to



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