Valentine’s Day Explained by Wealth Astro-Numerologist Tania Gabrielle

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( — February 14, 2014) Los Angeles, CA. — Valentine’s Day is a day of love, passion – and Freedom. Here is a breakdown of the Valentine’s Day code:


2014 is the 14th year of the century.


February 14 is a 14 Universal Day.


And Valentine’s Day, 2.14.2014, adds up to a 14 Universal Date.


Pretty amazing!


This sets up a triple activation of the SAME number in both astrology and numerology during one event, which is rare.


The fact that it’s also Valentine’s Day makes it even more memorable. 


14 is the number of media and communication. With Mercury retrograde right now, we have our lines of communication slowed down. This allows the full moon code to activate our abilities to hear and listen in a deep way.


Communicate gratitude instead of emotional neediness, and you’ll really mend and heal on a core level today. 


14 reduces to the number 5, so Freedom is the other keyword for today.


Live your life without expectation, without worry, without the emotional dependence on specific outcomes. 


This is the true essence of Freedom.


It simply means, don’t get attached to results – instead focus on the passion, the creative process.


Today you are being reminded about love and emotional passion. The essence of the full moon is a passion that fires you up to express yourself as you truly are.

Never deny that passion, but do deny the attachment you have to any specific outcome.


When you’re free of expectation (in yourself and others), you are truly FREE.


Today’s numbers’ lineup advocates honoring and respecting freedom in your relationships.


It is a reminder that you are eternally creating and recreating yourself.


Every moment is an opportunity for you to decide who you are. Your decisions about who and what you feel passionate about are the driver in this process.


For example, not needing anything from your partner (or the universe), is one of the greatest forms of freedom. You eliminate the fear of not having something to make you feel fulfilled. 


So today reminds us to be passionate about Freedom in your relationships.


Your soul knows and craves the incredible lightness freedom brings. Peace, joy, limitlessness and love define your soul.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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