Top All Natural Antiobiotic Alternatives Include Common Spices

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( — February 15, 2014) Portland, OR — We hear a lot about the ineffectiveness of antibiotics. What is even worse than them not working are some of the side effects that can be caused by them. Combine the two and you may want to think twice about filling that prescription, especially if you know about other options.


Tetracycline can cause stained teeth. When taken by the mother it can stain the unborn baby’s permanent teeth. The sad thing is that tetracycline is one of the drugs commonly given to animals, so a mom may be ‘taking’ it with each bite of meat or sip of milk. There is no good way to get rid of the staining short of some serious cosmetic dentistry.


Those who are taking chemotherapy are more prone to illness, but antibiotics are not the answer. Studies are showing that taking antibiotics with chemotherapy reduces or eliminates any positive effects of the chemotherapy. They also inhibit the effectiveness of birth control pills.


Because of the overuse of antibiotics by both humans and farmers there are many bacteria in our world today that have become immune to their effects. This leaves a person ill with little or no way for modern medicine to treat them. The most widely known of these bacteria are called MRSA. MRSA kills more Americans each year than are killed by emphysema, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease and homicide combined. Some bacteria are resistant to some antibiotics, but there are more and more bacteria that are becoming resistant to all antibiotics.


Pharmaceutical companies are not replacing antibiotics as fast as the bacteria are becoming resistant to them, and antibiotics have never worked on viruses or funguses. Fortunately nature has an answer for this. Beyond not ingesting antibiotics with your food there are things you can do to boost your immune system. Then if you do get sick reach for one of nature’s big guns.



Eat it frequently when you are well, but really pile it on when you are sick! Galic is a natural immune system booster. Sure you may have an odor, but if you are sniffling and sneezing (or worse) who wants to be that close to you anyway?



This is a sweet one that tastes good, and smells good too! It not only helps you heal but also helps control your blood sugar levels which can also help you lose weight!



Eat it fresh or cook with it, but the most effective way to use it is as an essential oil. This preparation doesn’t spoil and has been shown to fight bacteria, viruses and fungus, including yeast infections. Besides all that it has been known to prevent spasms, convulsions and nervous disorders. Sounds like a handy little bottle to have around.


Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is another substance that fights bacteria, viruses and fungus. It makes a great disinfectant for surfaces as well as wounds. Will not sting or cause redness like oregano. Has no odor, and can be combines with essential oils to increase its power or provide a pleasant fragrance. Since metal doesn’t readily spoil can be kept for long periods of time.


There is hope for fighting illness in the future. Sometimes to find them we have to look to the past.


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