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( — February 17, 2014) Gardena, California — Gardena, California—If you have been the subject of random drug testing in California, you already know how intrusive this type of testing can be.  While federal law allows marijuana drug tests in certain safety-sensitive positions, and California law also allows limited employee drug testing.  However, the California courts have also upheld the individual’s right to privacy, which may be infringed by random drug tests.  Detox Clear allows employees to avoid the invasion of privacy inherent in a random drug test given by an employer.

Urine drug testing in California has a rather checkered history.  While the state allows employers to make drug testing a condition of employment, they are only allowed to do so if they test every candidate and do not discriminate based on arbitrary factors.  Further, California has what is known as a “compassionate use” law, which allows certain individuals to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.  However, the courts have upheld the right of an employer to deny a person who tests positive for marijuana employment even if the marijuana use is for medical purposes.


Further, employers have an advantage when it comes to on-the-job drug testing if they can show that there is reason to suspect an employee may be using drugs while on the job.  However, random testing is more controversial and tends to be frowned upon unless the employee is in a job in which drug use may jeopardize others’ safety.


Other states may have different laws that apply to random drug testing.  Detox Clear supplies clean, natural-looking synthetic urine to help those who want to protect their privacy from random drug screening.


About Detox Clear:  Detox Clear is a company dedicated to the sale of quality synthetic urine products to protect individual privacy.  All Detox Clear products are guaranteed to give complete satisfaction and are priced competitively to make them accessible to everyone.

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