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(Newswire.net — February 15, 2014) Chicago, Illinois — As you lie down on your bed in your new apartment in Chicago you feel really happy. The place is even better than you had hoped for. All your furniture fit in just right. What a relief.


Things to consider when renting


   –  Credit score

   –  Landlord approval?

   –  Lease terms?

   –  Deposit required and/or advance rent required?

   –  Location – what neighborhood or area?

   –  How large and how many bedrooms?

   –  Are there stairs or is there an elevator?

   –  Electricity costs?

   –  Other utility costs?

   –  Move in fees and elevator costs?

   –  Move in dates and times?

   –  Are pets allowed?

   –  Close to transit if needed?

   –  Will your furniture fit do you need storage?

   –  If you smoke will that be a problem?

   –  Central heat and air or window unit?

   –  Do you want a view?   


There are real estate agents such as Tim Haywood that provide rental support for renters.


He handles rentals for condo and homeowners and he can help match you with other apartments or rental homes. The first thing will be credit score, credit history and prior landlord information. It is best to have all that prepared. You can get your credit report and credit scores yourself. You can either have the new landlord call your previous landlord or get a letter from the previous landlord stating you were a good tenant.


There are apartment services and apartment building that do not work in conjunction with real estate agents. Typically, these services and building charge an application fee. That might be $100 or more. 


Paying these building application fees in no way guarantees your approval to rent.


These places have strict standards usually based on credit scores. The fee is not refundable. They want you to apply and may encourage you or imply that you will be approved. If you meet thier credit score requirement then yes you are most likely approved. If you don’t meet it then you won’t be approved. The people there almost always have no authority at all over approvals. Their job is to get applications. Applications are an income source for them too.


The services typically will not tell you and the people working in them probably do not know the standards or criteria they use to approve applications. If your credit score is very good and clean, then approval is very likely. Many people have had issues over the past 5 or 6 years which have affected their credit. This means that many are in a gray area. If your credit score is not absolutely clear you might be approved or declined. In this situation using Tim Haywood would be the best place to start. You can spend a lot of money on these type of application fees.


It only makes sense to call an experienced real estate like Tim first.


There is nothing to lose and everything to win. Tim has been working in the Chicagoland area for over 10 years. He knows the neighborhoods. He can quickly evaluate your situation and provide real options for you. 


One option that could come up is a lease option to buy. With properties having gone through so much change in values and financing changes their might be a lease option possible for you.


Imagine as you sit at your dining table with your family or maybe your friends. You are settled in. You feel you made a really great decision to give Tim a call. 


Home buyers, home sellers, renters, investors and agents give Tim a call or email him don’t miss out just Give Tim Haywood at call at


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