SEO Agency Datastream Technologies Embarks on Direct Mail Venture

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( — February 19, 2014) Peoria, AZ — Datastream Technologies is entering the world of direct mail advertising with the launch of The Super Big Deal Card is a direct mail advertising breakthrough. The direct-mail marketing program has the ability to help small businesses reach a large audience for just pennies per mailer. Businesses can combine the mailers with an online presence to help exponentially grow and effectively reach their target audience in a smart and efficient manner.


The MegaCard mailer is a high-quality 12” x 9” card featuring a high-gloss, waterproof coating and vibrant color printing in a heavy-duty cardstock. Datastream Technologies works directly with each business to create the most aesthetically-pleasing advertising, designed to sell and bring in customers. In addition, several tracking services are available which allows businesses to see who is visiting their websites, contacts them or redeems offers dues to the Super Big Deal Card. Businesses can even generate unique QR codes to help direct customers to their website as well as share information through social media – a tremendously valuable platform.


William Smith the owner of Datastream Technologies states “One of the many unique features of this mail piece is it’s size, this is the largest piece of mail you can send through the United States post office service that will not be folded. When a householder opens their mail box they see this beautiful, full color, super sized card that just refuses to be ignored. What this means to the advertisers is instant customer attention on thier offer which potentially leads to new business.”


With an average ROI of $11.69 for each dollar spent, direct mail advertising is a profitable way for businesses to grow their customer base. and the The Super Big Deal Card itself can help businesses reach their local communities and see amazing results.


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