The Heart of Chicago Small Business Branding and Marketing in 2014

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( — February 20, 2014) Chicago, Illinois — Do you have words or phrases that are particular to your business or profession?


Have you noticed that these are normal and comfortable terms for you? Have you noticed that you can talk to people using those words and people understand you and get it?


Have the same word or words felt like jargon from one person and normal from another?


According to Jargon is defined as:


   –  Language, especially the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession or group    

   –  Unintelligible or meaningless talk or writing; gibberish

   –  Any talk or writing that one does not understand

   –  Language that is characterized by uncommon or pretentious vocabulary and convoluted syntax and is often vague in meaning.


Words don’t sound like Jargon when.


The word is integrated into your heart and mind. It is naturally yours and communicated to other people on many levels. An example of that is how body language defines who are. It is understood directly by others just as a smile is understood in all languages. 


Do you go to the symphony to enjoy the music?


When asking about marketing or branding is what you hear internet marketing Jargon like?


   –  SEO

   –  Social Media

   –  Context 

   –  Platform

   –  SEM

   –  White Hat

   –  Black Hat

   –  Content Network

   –  Content Marketing

   –  Retargeting

   –  Going viral


For Chicago small business marketing and branding Neuroscience is showing us.


How human brains operate today is much the same as they did 5000+ years ago. How you make choices is much the same process as your ancient ancestors did. 


The new functional MRIs can show the brain at work. The way we make decisions and choices are still following the paths in our brains as they have for maybe tens, hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago

If you are marketing or branding then this is the same now as 10, 50 or 1000 years ago.


   –  We are emotional beings

   –  We choose with emotion and reason

   –  We are attracted to novelty

   –  Novelty gets our attention

   –  Your brain assembles reality

   –  People find and give meaning

   –  You remember by associating with feelings, concepts, words and other memories

   –  Repetition supports remembering

   –  Memory is enriched by multiple associations

   –  We can remember four things with our working memory


How to make your brand memorable.


Have you heard some music that immediately brings up a memories and feelings about that? Have you smelled a perfume that takes your mind to beautiful evening you had with your wife or husband? Would you say those are memorable? Would like your business brand to be memorable? Then control what your business and brand is associated with. 


Heart Over Head Marketing and Branding.


Engaging you audience is works best by engaging them emotionally and supporting with campaigns from multiple sources. Support this with reasons. This might be called heart and mind marketing and branding or heart over mind marketing and branding. Is your marketing heart over mind? Have you noticed that phrase is always “Heart and Mind” in that order?


Use internet technology in right relationship.


A violin is a wooden piece with strings until played by a master violinist. When the master violinist plays the violin it is in right relationship. When your marketing and branding touches the hearts over minds and the internet is played as an instrument then that is in right relationship. It becomes a symphony, a work of art.


Great marketing and branding is an art. In right relationship the internet is a tool of the master artist.  


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