The Athletic Doc® Discusses Non-Surgical Options for Joint Repair

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( — February 26, 2014) Santa Monica, California — Peter A. Fields, MD DC, “The Athletic Doc®,” has long been recognized as an expert in knee injury treatment in Los Angeles. However, Peter A. Fields, MD DC, did not build his reputation by becoming a renowned surgeon.  Instead, “The Athletic Doc®’s” reputation is built on being one of the first prolotherapy doctors in Los Angeles.

Prolotherapy is a relatively new treatment method that is rapid gaining acceptance among mainstream physicians.  Based on research that suggests that, if given a chance, the body will heal itself, PRP treatment in Los Angeles can give those who suffer joint damage fast relief without the need for surgery.

When joints are injured, several important things begin to happen in the body.  The human body is a marvelous instrument that contains all that is necessary to heal itself.  Peter A. Fields, MD DC, offers several non-surgical options to heal joint damage, including prolotherapy and platelet-rich prolotherapy injections.


About Peter A. Fields, MD DC: Peter A. Fields, MD DC, operates the Pacific Prolotherapy and Medical Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California. He combines the expertise of a medical doctor with the approaches of a chiropractor.  Having his degree in both fields, Peter A. Fields, MD DC, can offer patients a much broader range of treatment options than many other physicians.  He believes in approaching any illness or injury from a holistic standpoint and considering natural, homeopathic treatments along with traditional medicine.


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