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( — February 26, 2014) San Francisco, California — Since 1928, Luxor Cabs has had one goal:  to show up on time to pick up passengers every trip, every time.  This means that Luxor Cabs has had to work diligently to become one of the most reliable companies for taxi cabs in San Francisco.


Nearly 100 years ago, Luxor began business with a fleet of ten taxi cabs. Even in those early days, Luxor drivers hurried to satisfy customers with prompt service and get them to their destinations safely and quickly.  Today’s generation of drivers continues that dedication by providing on-time transportation and reliable taxi cabs around San Francisco as well as service as an airport taxi in San Francisco.


Many things have changed since the days when only ten Luxor cabs drove the San Francisco streets.  People today may order an airport taxi in San Francisco ( by phone, on the web or even using a smart phone app.  However, one thing has not changed:  Luxor Cabs continues to be one of the most trusted of San Francisco taxi cab services.

About Luxor Cabs: Luxor Cabs has been a recognized San Francisco institution for nearly 100 years and continues to provide innovative and reliable cab service throughout the San Francisco area.  Customers can rely on Luxor for transportation in and around the Bay Area as well as the largest fleet of private paratransit transportation vehicles in the city.  
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