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( — February 27, 2014) San Diego, California —San Diego Gas and Electric’s recent announcement that the company was raising rates on home and business owners who used less electricity in order to avoid a rate hike on those who use more electricity has led to anger and a sense of betrayal for some users.  Many people are now beginning to explore the possibility of converting to solar power in San Diego rather than relying on electric companies to supply their energy.

The California Public Utilities Commission is considering a proposal by SDG&E that would raise the price of the bills low-use customers now see.  The rationale is that it actually costs more to supply these customers with electricity than they pay in fees.  The change would increase the kilowatt-hours charges for everyone’s allotment of electricity by 24 percent on July 1.


As early as 2015, California’s legislature has mandated a major restructuring of residential utility bills.  Fixed rates may go up as much as $120 per year while the current tier structure will be reconfigured.  The changes would also affect customers who have installed solar power in southern California homes by reducing the payoff for selling power back to the electricity grid.  Finally, by 2017, the changes will affect the credits given to homeowners who choose solar panel installation in San Diego.


Naturally, many groups are protesting these changes, while many individuals are choosing to install solar panels in an effort to avoid utility bills altogether.  Milholland Electric offers help and advice to those who want to consider the change to solar energy.


About Milholland Electric:  Milholland Electric is a company dedicated to providing affordable solar and electric service for residents of southern California and Arizona.


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