Top 5 Most Effective Marketing Ideas For Dental Offices Revealed

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( — March 3, 2014) Tempe, AZ — 

1) Organic SEO – This is the black art of the internet.  So many guys claim to do a great job and so few actually perform.  One thing is for certain, If you do actually end up on #1 of Google for your locality, you’re looking at capturing 60-70% of the searches traffic.  This means lots of new patients looking for dental care now coming to your website hence coming to your practice.  This is definitely the most effective marketing technique as this can generate 10-30+ new patients per month depending on the population of your area.

2) Local SEO – Ranking on Google makes and local offices that show in local results on Google when people search for “Dentist in *City” is another great way to receive new wanting patients.  Local SEO also shows on google maps searches, this is grat for someone who searches in this fashion.

3) Google AdWords – This is Google’s version of “Pay Per Click”.  This is not as high of a ROI as Organic SEO because the traffic isn’t free from the search engine provider, but, it is still quite a viable method for getting new patients.  Make sure you hire an agency that can optimized and maintain the campaign,  It would just be a waste to send your own money on non calculated keywords. To learn more about SEO, visit

4) FB Ads – Paying for super cheap Facebook Ads that are extremely targetted for your zip code is an amzing way to get your entire city knowing about your practice at a super low cost.  This one takes a very skilled agency to manage, but it is truly worth it if you find some savants in the internet marketing industry.  

5) Reputation Management aka ORM – Once a prospective patient is aware of your practice and website, they may do a search on Google or Yelp to see the reviews and ratings. This will make or break the deal so to speak.  Having a 4.8 and nice reviews of how kind your staff are or how great a doctor you are will bring more and more patients in.  Find an agency that can help craft an effective ORM strategy for you to ensure high reviews and ratings as well as a positive brand outlook.  You can have all the traffic in your city but having a 2.0 on Yelp will inhibit the patients from calling. To learn more about Crawford and O’Brien’s online reputation management services visit:

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