Weston Florida Realtor Carmen Finol Offers Free Online Seminar to Latino Investors

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(Newswire.net — March 4, 2014) Weston, Florida — 


Carmen Finol PA, a Venezuelan real estate advisor in Weston, Florida,  has launched her new website to educate Latino professionals on how to buy and sell Florida homes.  Her buyer’s website,  http:// www.carmenfinolrealtor.com,  offers the free online seminar  “Descubre las 6 Claves del Exito para Comprar tu Casa en La Florida con Sabiduria”.    With this webinar,  Carmen demostrates her commitment to empowering Latino professionals so they are prepared to make informed, wise decisions regarding real estate investments in Florida.


The real estate crisis was in part created by uninformed Realtors,  who misguided uninformed foreigners into buying properties when real estate prices had already reached unsustainable levels in July 2005.    Conflicts of interest between Realtors and buyers are usually present when a “transaction broker” relationship is established between the buyer and the real estate sales associate.   The only type of brokerage relationship that protects the interest of the real esate buyer-investor in Florida is called “single agent”.  In this type of relationship,  the Realtor owes the client 100% confidentiality, loyalty and obedience. 


Why real estate buyers should work only with a  “Single Agent” is one of the concepts presented in the free webinar  “6 Claves para el Exito de la Compra de tu Casa en la Florida”.  Other topics include :


  • why financial planning is critical when purchasing a home


  •  why you need to hire an attorney when you buy a home in Florida


  •   6 ways that you can hold title of your home in Florida


  •  10 ways to finance the purchase of your home


  •   3 benefits of Homestead in Florida



To register for the webinar,  visit http://www.carmenfinolrealtor.com.



For property owners that wish to sell their property on their own,  Carmen Finol PA has launched  www.westonrealtorfinol.com to inform owners about the property sales process, both on their own and with the assistance of a Realtor.  On her website http://www.westonrealtorfinol.com  sellers are able to download  the free ebook For Sale by Owners Guide.  


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