3 New Dental Implant Marketing Ideas For New Dental Implant Patients

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(Newswire.net — March 5, 2014) Tempe, AZ — 

1)  Target Dental Implants in “your city” on Google with an Organic SEO campaign.  This is of course an extremely effective way to capture patients who are currently seeking receiving dental implant work.  A good SEO company will target all the long tail and colloquial terms that are associated with getting Dental Implants so that you can capture all of the search traffic for this keyword.  Even better news is that if the agency knows what they are doing, ranking for Dental Implants should lead to residual improvements in other keywords that could lead to other types of patients for your practice, not just Implant patients. An example would be “cost of dental implants and a crown”.

2) Target Dental Implant keywords with a Google PPC campaign that is highly optimized to capture all the paid traffic for related keywords on Google search.  A good agency will rank you #1 in Adwords which should capture around 5% or more of all the available traffic, add in organic and local SEO as well and you’re getting approximately 50% of all search volume for that keyword search.  So if there are 100 people searching a month for that keyword 50 will be going to your site.  Even at a low conversion rate on the site of 5%, that’s 2.5 new patients, just on this keyword!  And those are high revenue patients. And revenue is really the main metric you should be watching. That means that just from implants you can make money over the cost of investment for your entire marketing cost, and the rest of the keywords in your campaign are pure profit over the cost. PPC is also really effective for emergency dental, and implants can be emergencies so this is a great way to get last minute patients that need help as soon as possible.

3)  Promote Dental Implants with Facebook Ads and Specials on your Facebook Page.  Facebook Ads allow you to do extremely targeted audiences where you can narrow down to areas geographically or people that already like your Facebook page.  This allows you to not only control your advertising budget, but have extremely targeted (meaning high converting ads).  Everyone is on Facebook these days, and how they segment users, which makes doing targeted marketing on Facebook a powerful choice in your marketing arsenal. For more information on dental marketing, visit: http://crawfordandobrien.com/dental-implant-marketing/

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