Online Branding Agency Discusses Cleaning up Toxic Link Profiles

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( — March 5, 2014) Toronto, ON — Andrew Powell, founder and CEO of RMB Marketing Agency based out of Toronto discusses the malpractice of search engine optimization in the past, and how companies should rethink their strategies and where they spend their marketing budget in 2014.


“The landscape has changed. All of our new clients are medium to large sized companies that have implemented SEO and promotion tactics online for years, and seen success. The problems arise when those companies they hire don’t stay on top of Google algorithm changes and educate themselves on the best tactics to employ for website promotion.” says Powell.


He mentions that in %75 of the new clients RMB Marketing takes on, he has to tidy up after the previous company representing the clients marketing online.


“It’s sad, but true. The amount of spam and toxicity I see directed at a companies web properties is massive. And that is detrimental, a make-or-break scenario in Google’s eyes.”


Powell and his company have always targeted social link profiles and quality content with their clients because it is what end users want. He noted that this percentage of new clients are all allowing Andrew and his team to takeover the drivers seat and rebuild the engine.


“It’s the part of my job that I enjoy. Everyone wants to be the bearer of good news. Our company employs the experts that adapt to the ever-changing online atmosphere. These guys and gals are the best in the business and I enjoy working with them every day.”


RMB Marketing specialize in medium to large companies in the Home Improvement niche, and have clients in Finance and Film. They mention on their website that they are open to any industry if the client is open to learning about theirs.


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