New Online Dating Book Explores Younger Women Who Date Older Men

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( — March 6, 2014)  — 

The Internet has changed the way people meet and interact with one another. There is not a person alive, unless they are a hermit living in a cave, that at one point or another has not seen or heard an advertisement for dating sites to jumpstart the hearts of the lonely.


While the initial intention may have been for  two people to meet, fall in love, marry and follow societal standards for their relationship, such sites have morphed into all aspects of relationships, to include intimate short term or long term relationships, even such relationships with a business and financial impact.


The gentlemen’s book for successful sugar dating, The Rogue Buffalo by Knut Anton, explores those dynamics. The Rogue Buffalo is a primer for older men looking for younger female companionship and addressing the sugar daddy/sugar momma aspects of that companionship. It details how to go about it and specifically includes websites that will enable the initiation of those relationships with a clinical job interview approach.

In the past decade, with the proliferation of the internet, everyone has experienced a change in the the way they are able to meet, interact and begin and sustain relationships. A new book, The Rogue Buffalo by Knut Anton, discusses these differences.

The tactics of the book, such websites and the individuals behind them have been glorified by some and condemned by others.  These extreme reactions can be confusing when determining the ethics of his business. There’s nothing wrong with the services these sites facilitate or anything illegal. In fact, sites reviewed for this article explicitly state that it
condemns illegal activity and warns in terms of use of such things as, “If you are an escort, please do not join this website.”  In the book, The Rogue Buffalo, the author has expressed
how difficult it can be for wealthy men to meet women they find attractive.  On the other hand, women often note that while they may be able to find attractive men, they desire men who can provide for their financial needs. Men are seeking attractive women while women are trying to attain financial stability. It should be noted that the reverse can be true as well.

Furthermore, while these sites may not be encouraging prostitution explicitly, sex is implied in many of these arrangements. The Rogue Buffalo book does discuss all aspects of men finding sexual satisfaction and discusses the methods, risks, and costs of various styles of adult providers. While these activities would still be occurring without
websites to expand the search and make it easier, many of the site’s current users might not be participating if such ease of access did not exisit.

The Rogue Buffalo discusses mature male’s achieving sexual satisfaction and spends
an entire chapter on “Hookups”. Thus it appears the sites are billed as “ethical” and
have been used by both sugar daddies and sugar babies to hookup and have
“private and consensual activities between consenting adults.”


The debate will rage and meanwhile consenting adults will engage in such relationships as they have for generations. The Rogue Buffalo simply becomes the starting off point of the discussion, best seller status or not.