New Weight Loss Competition App from AMG Services

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( — March 7, 2014) Phoenix, Arizona — For those individuals who find that they need a bit of help in tracking their fitness and weight loss goals, there’s a new option. AMG Services, a Tennesse-based mobile development firm announces the release of their first mobile application, Burn It Off.


“For many people, weight loss can be difficult, and finding the time and even the motivation to exercise can be difficult. With Burn It Off, we hope that the competitive aspect designed into this app will help users to keep on with their weight loss efforts,” said Cliff Stone, CEO of AMG Services. “After entering their personal information including their goals, users can challenge their friends to work out with them. They can also share their information to ask a friend to help them keep on track.”


“Burn It Off makes working out fun,” said beta user Sarah Tate. “It’s always easier to work out when you know you have someone who is working out with you, suffering through the process, some might say. My friends and I track our workouts and meet every weekend to compare what we’ve managed to complete and to plan for future goals.”


Users input their height, weight and goal weight. They can enter their favorite workouts, or choose from a variety of random workouts included in the program.


“We know variety helps individuals stick with a tough task, so if an individual chooses our randomized workouts, they’ll not get the same workout each day,” Stone said. “The app tracks the workouts that have been completed and pulls workouts at random.”


The application is designed for Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices. For a limited time, users can obtain this program for just $3.00, as a kickoff special, in all the popular app shops.


AMG Services is a new mobile development firm, created by Cliff Stone, Michael Thomas and Aaron Madsen in 2002. The trio has made it their mission to create interesting applications that can make a difference in the lives of others.