Authority Marketing Campaigns for Qualified Chicago Small Businesses

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( — March 8, 2014) Chicago, Illinois — What factors influence buying choices? What is influencing visitors on your website, to your store or place of business to choose you and buy from you? What can you do right now that is already being done by big corporations to increase your business?


There is more information then every before. 


90% of the world’s information has been generated over the past two years. The speed at which information is becoming available is growing at an increasing rate.


More information can mean making choices becomes harder for people. People are becoming overwhelmed by information. This overwhelm can mean making new decisions based on information more difficult. The issue is how to make sense out of the information. Large corporations spend billions analyzing information and using it to influence behavior. The question is.


How can a small business compete?


Neuroscience is showing how human brains work and make choices. It is the same process as it was 3, 10, 20, 100, 1000 or 10,000 years ago. The information a person was taking in 10,000 years ago would have been from nature, the wind, the temperature, the sky, the stars, the trees and the social group. Now, the information is from media. We are influenced by the media and media is everywhere all the time.


The media gives value to information. People give value to media.


As information and feelings are processed, they are given value. Is this important? Is this something novel or interesting? Is this coming from a trusted source? Is this coming from a reputable source? Is it fun? Is it entertaining? The choices the media makes on what to show gives value. With the internet the choices people make give media value. Media is creating perceived value to stories, products, services and people.


Choices are made and actions are taken when the perceived value exceeds the perceived cost. Media itself has perceived value. Perceived values are being created by media. To increase actions such as buying then increase the perceived value. (Learn more perceived value and cost).


Increasing perceived authority is key to increasing perceived value.


Big corporations use media to create perceived authority. They never leave that up to the viewer. They create perceived authority and that raises perceived value. They use perceived authority to influence buying behavior and decisions. They use it so people will choose and buy their company’s products and services.


Would you like more people to choose you, your products and/services?


Then do what big corporations do? No, not buy a Super bowl ad. Use media associations to raise your perceived authority in your field or marketplace. Position yourself as the authority/celebrity in your field or marketplace.


Use media associations to create celebrity within your field or marketplace. Perceived authority and perceived celebrity increases business. Increase your authority/celebrity and you increase your business.


Would you like to win over more customers?


If you are a plastic surgeon or dermatologist you are competing against other plastic surgeons or dermatologists for clients. If you are contractor, restaurant owner, psychologist, real estate broker, chiropractor, attorney, dentist, fashion designer, clothing store owner or any small business you are competing for business against others in your field or marketplace. All things being equal, the deciding factor in a person’s choice is perceived value. Who has the most perceived authority has the most perceived value and wins.


What are you losing by not positioning yourself as the authority in your field or marketplace? What would you gain by positioning yourself as the authority in your marketplace? If it is that important and valuable to big corporate campaigns to create perceived authority shouldn’t it be that important and valuable to you? 


What would you gain by converting more visitors to customers, clients and buyers? 


Even a small gain in conversion of existing visitors can have a huge impact on business. What you would rather have happen? Adding 10,000 new visitors that do not buy to your traffic or increasing the number of buyers you have from existing traffic. What impact would converting only converting 5% more of your existing traffic mean to your bottom line?


The money is in increasing conversions of viewers to buyers.


Increasing conversions come from increasing perceived authority. The increased perceived value comes from increased perceived authority. Increased perceived authority often also converts into being able to charge more.


Increase perceived by authority in your field or marketplace by association with established national powerful media..


Authority marketing campaigns are available to qualified professionals and businesses on a limited basis.


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