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( — March 21, 2014)  — Athletic Greens has released a new video in which Cliff Harvey, a nutritionist and health superstar, discusses why he recommends this supplement to his clients. As a two time all-round weightlifting world champion and record holder he is often asked many questions about his nutritional regime and what he recommends. During the video he answers the most common questions he is asked about the supplement. Some examples are “what is Athletic Greens”, “why should someone take Athletic Greens”, and “is it just for athletes?”


To answer the first question, what is Athletic Greens, Cliff describes the whole food sourced product as a nutrient dense superfood. He explains how it helps provide the body with nutritional insurance and covers all of an individual’s nutritional bases. Not only does it boost energy and improve digestive health but also Athletic Greens’ natural ingredients are more easily absorbed into the body to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Cliff Harvey clarifies that this supplement is not just for athletes and that many people would benefit from adding this supplement to their daily routine.


In the video he talks about current lifestyle habits that have caused heavy workloads and elevated stress. Cliff summarizes this with the statement “life has become an athletic event.” He rationalizes this quote by citing examples of what transpires in daily routines. The reason someone would benefit from Athletic Greens under these conditions is because of its convenience and nutritional insurance. Providing a lot of benefits in a single serving a person requires less than thirty seconds each day to take advantage of its advantages. Furthermore, the supplement makes it easy to avoid nutrient deficiencies and optimize total body health.


During the short video Cliff Harvey also gives many more reasons why someone should take Athletic Greens. Specifically, he reveals that most people are not getting enough nutrients and vitamins daily and unless someone is getting six to ten servings of fruits, vegetables, and/or berries from a natural organic source the body is not getting what it needs. One serving of Athletic Greens provides twelve servings of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, this superfood cocktail supplement contains many antioxidants as well as liver and kidney detoxifiers. Unlike many other greens products available Athletic Greens provides much more than just vitamins and minerals. With herbs, mushrooms, and plants added into this carefully researched and formulated supplement it provides many additional benefits and is why Cliff Harvey recommends Athletic Greens to many of his clients.      


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About:  Athletic Greens has been carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists, after more than ten years of research, to deliver essential nutrients with an easy to mix powder and naturally sweet taste. It is the world’s most comprehensive daily formula for superior health and athletic performance. The company, founded in 2009, calls it the Superfood Cocktail, but an alternative definition, could be The Ultimate Nutritional Insurance Policy. Athletic Greens is designed for those who want to take their health, energy, immunity, and fitness to the next level. 


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