Rees Commercial Continues Its Growth In Central Arkansas With New Projects

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( — March 18, 2014) Little Rock, Arkansas

The Little Rock, Arkansas demographics has experienced growth leading the nation in the commercial building business with a slew of competition.  Rees Commercial, who started as a family business has reinvented itself recognizing the need for fungible and adaptive qualities in an ever changing world.  So many aspects of commercial realty involves property management, leasing and brokerage, and construction management.   


In May of 2013, following Rees Commercial’s name change from Rees Development, they engaged in two exciting commercial projects that are both located on Chenal Parkway in the toney section of West Little Rock called the Chenal Curve Shopping Center.  (This name was derived from the “curve” in the Parkway.) With 23,370 square feet and 175 parking spaces, The Chenal Curve Shopping Center serves to represent the most upscale project built by Rees to date and will be their flagship retail center.


Clearly, the growth pattern of Central Arkansas continues on an upward trend led by quality developments spearheaded by Rees Commercial’s vision for serving the community and providing a quality of life that dovetails with this growth.  Their past portfolio projects have demonstrated a consistent success pattern in their vision through Pinnacle Creek and Pinnacle Shopping Centers that were built in 2007 with over 51,000 square feet of shopping center footage.  Experiencing over 90% occupancy rates with a diverse retail tenant mix, Rees Commercial prides itself on not only developing large shopping center facilities, but also maintaining their image of successful operations through happy and profitable tenants that only serve to boost the entire success rate of the entire shopping center.


Having carved its roots in the developmental arena, Rees found that the leasing and property management business was a means that it could stay the course on making these projects successful and maintain the image that each development was set out to keep.  Marketing and financial know-how have proven to be a vital skill set in a tricky and  often times volatile market environment.  Demographics, population metrics, and income are all important facets of the commercial real estate labyrinth that Rees Commercial never takes for granted and continues to study. 


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